The Veil of Tamar - UPDATE


(Please see the May 2012 post below for the story behind the creation of the song The Veil of Tamar.)

Thanks to financial support from SaskMusic, in August 2014 I recorded my song The Veil of Tamar with Ross Nykiforuk (producer, arrangement, mix & keyboard harp) at his Cosmic Pad Studios along with Saskatoon musicians Randi Nelson (flute), Kim de Laforest (violin), Gent Laird (upright bass) & Carl Hofmeister (english horn).  Derek Bachman, Greenduplex Productions used his graphic art talent & a photo of my painting The Veil of Tamar to create the CD jacket. I am extremely proud of the finished project.  (Note: Derek passed away at the too young age of 38 in Dec 2014.  I miss you D.) 

In Dec 2014, Kathryn Dueck, owner of James Art Studio, did a beautiful job of framing my painting The Veil of Tamar as well as the CD jacket (plus CD & lyrics).  Both hang in my living room.  The artistic marriage of music & visual art.  

BONUS - The song made the semi-finals of the 2014 UK Songwriting Contest!  

Next, marketing, marketing.  I am currently working with Inge to have the song play alongside her painting Tamar in a gallery in Hamburg, Germany.  



May 23rd, 2012 Post......

In September 2011, I met Ingeburg Borowski, visual artist from Germany, at the University of Saskatchewan Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus Artist Retreat.  Inge's painting Tamar, a biblical character from Genesis in the Old Testament, moved me to research Tamar and write the song The Veil of Tamar.  On the last night of the retreat, I played the song for Inge and she surprised me with the gift of my own original painting of Tamar which I prompted named The Veil of Tamar. 

The Veil of Tamar by Ingeburg Borowski  


 The Veil of Tamar Lyrics:

We are born innocent 

Abraham’s children

Travelling so far from home

Once I was married, hopes of a family

Promises broken, I am alone

The veil of Tamar

I’ll trade you all I have

The veil of Tamar x2

Barter for blessings

Enaim strangers

I hold your cord and your seal

Wages determined, names left unspoken

The veil on my face keeps my secret concealed        

          The veil of Tamar

          I’ll trade you all I have

          The veil of Tamar x2

        I gave you my trust

Now I do what I must to survive

Time told the story

Condemned but redeemed

All is not what it seemed

The veil of Tamar

I'll trade you all I have 

The veil of Tamar x4

© Lyn Besse McGinnis 2011

Check out Inge's website to see her unique and amazing work